Ensuring Excellence at The Wilnecote School – a message from Stuart Tonks, Headteacher.

It is a very exciting time to be part of The Wilnecote School learning community.

  • On 1st September 2016 we joined the Community Academies Trust (CAT), a successful group of schools with an excellent reputation that includes The Polesworth School. (click here for a ‘Message from the CEO of the CAT’ and if you want to know more about the CAT please visit the website www.communityacademiestrust.org)
  • In November 2016 we received an Ofsted inspection which took us out of special measures, identified many areas of progress and stated that the actions of school leaders have led to rapid improvements in behaviour, teaching, pupils progress and attendance.
  • We have introduced a number of changes – to uniform, to rewarding students, to expectations of behaviour, to the leadership of the school –  that are helping us to ‘ensure excellence’ and achieve the vision and aspirations we have for the young people at our school.

At Wilnecote we aspire to provide an outstanding education for your child.  The changes we have already made are simply the first stage on our learning journey as we create a strong and aspirational culture based on high levels of academic, personal and social achievement. We have a relentless focus on ‘ensuring excellence’ and will continue to raise our expectations further in everything we do as a school.

As a learning community it is important to us that we work together – students, staff,  parents and our family of schools in the Community Academies Trust –  to provide:-

  • Excellent teaching, interesting and challenging lessons and an exciting curriculum so that our students are ambitious and achieve outstanding outcomes.
  • An inclusive learning environment that values our students as individuals and in which they feel safe, happy and well cared for.
  • High expectations alongside excellent relationships for learning and behaviour.
  • Opportunities for our students to develop their talents and skills and to broaden their horizons.

We are proud of the many successes of our students – in examinations, in the Arts, in Sport, in exchange visits, as leaders and peer mentors and in the many other activities we offer. We are committed to improving the opportunity for all students to flourish as global citizens in the 21st Century and to develop the skills of leadership, cooperation and personal responsibility.

Our school is a genuine community school.  The majority of young people in the area join our school but students from across the town also come here.   We are proud to be a part of the family of schools that is the Community Academies Trust and also remain committed to the Tame Valley Cooperative Learning Trust. This is a partnership of The Wilnecote School and 7 local primaries that share a common set of values and principles and a shared desire to work collaboratively and sustainably to improve the learning of young people. We have a thriving and dynamic community programme in the evenings and at weekends, led and managed directly by the school, with a wide range of sporting, leisure, wellbeing and cultural activities.

I hope this website provides you with the information you require and, more importantly, with a real flavour of life at The Wilnecote School. If you want to know more, to visit us or to join the school on its exciting learning journey please contact us